I Hate Open Source Software Linux Sucks. That’s right I The open source developers that don’t suck work for Oracle,

Linux Fonts Suck 66

Jun 05, 2003 · Have you ever noticed what a royal pain in the ass it is to get fonts working on Linux that do not look like complete crap? On Windows it’s a non-issue.

Mind that it was not created to say that Linux is better Different fonts faces and sizes all around. Different styles of settings for modern apps.

Linux Fonts Suck 36

Linux Fonts Suck 24

Chrome fonts suck in KDE Kubuntu 11.10. Linux fonts Suck!! lethalinjection: Linux – General: 8: 02-07-2004 12:58 PM: All times are GMT -5. The time now is 10:40 AM.

1 How to improve font rendering with your installed fonts; How to install Ubuntu/Infinality fonts in Manjaro Linux by StealthPenguin Follow the link given.

Linux Fonts Suck 114

I am using Chromium alpha on Fedora 10 (GNU/Linux). Chromium uses wrong / incorrect rendering engine which makes font being rendered differently – as if chromium used

Linux Fonts Suck 40

Why does Fedora still have terrible font rendering people who aren’t familiar with Linux. distribution to have nice fonts by default? Software patents suck.

Linux Fonts Suck 45

Deepin Linux: A Polished Distro That’s Easy to I have used almost all major GNU/Linux based distributions and Arch Linux is cursors, wallpapers, fonts etc.

Linux Fonts Suck 70

Linux Fonts Suck 50

Pretty Fonts Are Possible. Make your fonts go pop! By Scott Granneman. Monday, March 19th, 2007. Let’s be honest: font rendering on “i”>Linux tends to suck.

Linux Fonts Suck 101

Linux Fonts Suck 33

Why do fonts suck so bad? (self.Fedora) Fedora, on the other hand, is funded by Red Hat which is a very juicy target for lawsuits (most wealthy Linux company).

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